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What is My Grace Life Story?

Find out what's in store in the upcoming episodes of My Grace Life Story.

Gary & Carolyn Menne

To begin these podcasts, we need to go back to the beginning of Grace Life Church. Gary & Carolyn Menne were there on day one, so they have a unique perspective on how...

Reese & Sarah Shirey

From swimming to marriage to raising a family, Reese and Sarah Shirey have seen the grace of God working in their lives through it all.

Scott & Tana Cooper

After 28 years of marriage, the Coopers look back and share how God has been faithful to sustain them.

Martha Griffin

She left a church focused on a bunch of "don'ts" and came to Grace Life, where the focus is "do." Martha Griffin shares 42 years of God's faithfulness in her life.

Austin & Elspeth Burbank

An ocean separated them, but God, in His goodness and grace brought them together.

Rob & Maleah Hildreth

Rob & Maleah had no idea that God would "engineer" their future together. From college to now, they both realize how God had His hand in their lives.

Marsha Coleman

Sometimes God uses a red light in our lives to direct us where He wants us to go. That was the case for Marsha

Nathan & Laura Mangrum

Nathan & Laura's path to Grace Life goes through Shelbyville, Tennessee. That's where they discovered amazing grace and each other.

Grant & Kayla Tarascou

Grant and Kayla were on two different paths. One came from a Christian background, and the other had minimal knowledge of Christ and the church. Yet God brought them t...

Sam & Anna Claire Taylor

Did the "stars" align to bring this couple together? In reality, this was God's plan, and Sam and Anna Claire realize His goodness and grace are evident in every aspec...

Dacus & Barbara Wall

Some people attempt to begin life well. Dacus and Barbara are looking forward to finishing life well. Hear how God, through His grace, brought them together for just t...

John & Joyce McIntosh

John has been a part of Grace Life since the beginning. Joyce came with him after a few years of school and working in another state. Together they have run the race, ...

Norman & Michelle Farris

One came from a Christian home. The other did not. But God transformed both of their lives through the power of the Gospel. Now they are forever grateful for his grace...

Blake & Destiny Kenaum

From Mississippi to the Shoals and now Canada, Blake and Destiny are on a journey of grace and trust that finds them in the center of God's will for their lives.

Jake Statom

Growing up at Grace Life, Jake had no idea he would be thrust into a public controversy. But his faith is what kept him grounded.

Ben-Ann Shelton

Ben-Ann shares what life was like as a pastor's wife and how God sustained them in every way.

Jim & Connie Hatcher

God's plan for our lives can be hard to discern. But when we look back, our vision is 20/20, and we see God's hand every step of the way. That is certainly true for Ji...

Kim Tittle

From a small town to the "big cities" of the Shoals, Kim uses her love for the Lord to pour into the lives of children at Grace Life Church.

Mark & Dana Wallace

He was Catholic. She was Baptist. How would they ever get together? It was only through the grace of God. Over thirty years later, Mark & Dana are thankful for God's g...

Kenneth Myhan

From a tent meeting as a teenager to serving faithfully as a senior saint, Kenneth is thankful for the grace of God in his life.

Nate & Selena Ware

A love for each other wrapped in a love for God's truth brought this couple from California to the Shoals. This is their story of redemption, grace, and connection.

Chris & Mariah Russell

What do a shy young lady, a zealous young man, and a fast food restaurant have in common? It's the makings of a story of grace and love that has continued for over ten...

Randy & Lynda Pounders

Their story of grace took them to the other side of the world, where they would find "grace" for a lifetime. 

Chris & Tammy Berryman

A knock on the door would prove to be life-changing. It was the beginning of grace working in their lives. 

Tom & Cheryl Mauter

He was Catholic. She was Church of Christ. So, of course, they ended up at a Baptist church.  Their journey of grace brought them through times of questions and then a...

James & Heather Vance

From Sand Mountain to the Plains to the Shoals, James & Heather did not realize they were on God's providential path of grace.

Margo Bailey & Sandra Brown

Affectionately known as the "Queens of Small Groups," Margo and Sandra's separate journeys of grace give them real-life experiences of the faithfulness of God that the...

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